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What is Gameship?

Gameship is a community for gamers. In this community, you can convert unused game credits into cash safely or purchase games with a 20% discount. Moreover, you can perform all these transactions through the mobile app!

Is Gameship safe?

Absolutely, yes. All financial transactions are carried out through reputable and secure payment service providers (PayPal and 3D Secure), and only the personal information necessary to complete a transaction is shared between members.

Can I list my game credits on Gameship without being a member?

To share game credits and earn from them, you need to create a profile. Therefore, membership is required to list credits or place game orders. Gameship membership is completely free.

Who can use Gameship?

All gamers who want to convert game credits into cash and purchase PC games at affordable prices.

What are the advantages of Gameship?

Users with game credits on Gameship can convert these credits into cash, while on the other side, users can purchase desired games at a discounted price.

How can I become a part of Gameship?

All you need to do is download the Gameship app on your iOS or Android phone and sign up for free.

How do I earn money by sharing my in-game credits?

In the app, you simply need to enter the amount of game credits you want to list on Gameship, specify the price you want, and provide proof of the amount of credits you have for sale. We've added guidance at every step in the app to make this process easy for you.

How can I make payments for my orders?

You will be redirected to PayPal or your Credit Card provider to make the payment.

From which game platforms can I order PC games?

Currently, we offer Steam games. You can order popular Steam games listed in our app. If you want to buy a different Steam game, you can contact us to add the game to our platform.

What information is required during registration?

You only need to enter your phone number and receive an access code from Gameship. After entering the app, please complete your registration.

Do I need to pay to list my in-game credits on Gameship?

No. Listing your game credits is completely free.

How can I withdraw my money from Gameship?

Go to your Profile, then navigate to Balance and Withdraw Money. Create a Withdrawal Profile with your bank details and initiate the withdrawal whenever you want.

In which languages is the app available?

You can use the Gameship app in Turkish and English.

How do I earn from Gameship?

You need to be a Gameship member and list your game credits. When you receive an order that meets the specified criteria, you need to use your own game credits to purchase and gift the desired game. Gameship provides all the necessary information for you to complete the process smoothly.

How can I save money / buy PC games at discounted prices through Gameship?

Order the game you want at a discounted price. The game you ordered will be sent to your account as a gift by a community member. Now you can enjoy playing discounted games!